Rates and all that jazz

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for standard, across-the-board prices, you won’t find them here. Every job is different, so a variety of factors come into play when it comes to pricing them. The urgency of the job and the number of words are relevant, for example. No worries though; I’d be happy to provide you with a quote at no obligation after I’ve seen the source text.

One thing I can promise is quality, and well-considered, machine-free translations with consistent terminology. Oh, and a pleasant, personal working relationship, of course. Feel free to read more about my services, my specializations and me.

Do you have a specific job for me or are you interested in long-term collaboration? Please contact me. I’m happy to help you come up with ideas and will provide you with a customized quote within one working day.

I also love coffee, so I’m always happy to meet over a cup o’ joe!

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