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This is me

My name is Pieta Tilborghs, and I am Tilborghs Translations. I am a translator and transcreator (and a sporadic copywriter) and live with my husband and our cat of the eternally surprised face, Lotje, in the picturesque town of Bladel.

From my home office, I translate from English to my native Dutch, as it is spoken in the Netherlands.

You’ll find my full education and employment history on LinkedIn. Please feel free to add me as a connection – gezellig!


Translation is a skill

I learned the tricks of the translation trade at the School of Translation and Interpreting (Vertaalacademie or VAC) in Maastricht from 2007 to 2011. During my studies, I learned that translation truly is a specific skill that not everyone is cut out for when it comes to making it your profession. At the academy, I learned to translate according to the “rules of the craft”. The program offered a nice balance between theory and practice, and as a brand-new graduate with a cum-laude diploma in hand, I landed my first translation job immediately.

The power of a good marinade

There is no shortage of translators (and translation agencies) offering superior quality within an absurdly tight deadline. Sure, some press releases are truly urgent, but real quality takes time. I am a firm believer in the concept that a translation is so much better if you can set it aside for a little while. This absolutely applies to creative work: it needs at least one night to “marinate”, and preferably two. I can guarantee your texts will be cooked to perfection.

A personal investment

My communication reflects who I am. I am not one for stiff formality; I am, however, a fan of human conversations and emails that might contain an emoji (or two 😉). My preference is for a personal relationship; I invest in my clients. Behind the scenes, I keep terminology lists and translation databases and update them regularly, at no charge to my clients. The close nature of our cooperation often makes me feel like I’m part of my clients’ teams.

From competitor to colleague

Over the past few years, I have built up a network of enthusiastic colleagues, people I trust and the quality of whose work I can vouch for. I work with these fellow professionals from time to time on larger projects. If you are looking for a translator specialized in a different area or language combination, I’d be happy to put you in touch with them.

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