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A good translation will pay for itself, and then some. You’ll see a return on your investment in the form of more visitors, buyers, readers, leads, clicks – or just a nice chunk of change. A high-quality translation reads like an original text, conveys the right tone and creates a connection between your company and your Dutch audience. As a qualified translator, I provide translations from English to Dutch that are polished to perfection, and created with the utmost attention to detail. Tilborghs Translations is the right choice for strong brands that place a priority on their brand identity.



Transcreation is a hybrid between “standard” translation and copywriting. Transcreators break down the source text, reducing it to its essence, and then rebuild something new with the same message, ensuring it is perfectly aligned with the customer’s needs. You could see transcreation as translation with creativity in the starring role, focusing on the intended meaning rather than the original wording. Broadly speaking, the technique lends itself well to all marketing texts, but is particularly well-suited to campaigns, slogans and other creative communications. As an experienced transcreator, I can help you establish your brand firmly in the market with well-chosen marketing texts that truly hit their mark.

Text correction & editing

Have you written a text in Dutch but want to be absolutely sure it doesn’t contain mistakes? I would be happy to make sure (here comes the cliché!) that you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s. You can also contact me for more radical correction work. For example, when you’re not sure if your text flows as well as it could. Or if you want to make sure your readers won’t get bogged down in awkwardly worded sentences, or give up too soon because of an unnecessarily formal tone. Clients also regularly contact me to localize Belgian-Dutch texts for companies in Flanders looking to tap into their northern neighbour’s market.

Other language services

I also take on writing assignments from time to time, which is why my business card still reads “translator and copywriter”. If the work demands it, I can conduct interviews by telephone or on location. I can also write SEO texts for clients doing their own keyword research, and I’m happy to do a final check of PDF file layouts to make sure no textual errors have crept in during conversion. Several of my clients even say I have a pretty nice voice, so if you have the recording equipment, I’d be happy to come do your voice-overs for you.

Types of texts

I have worked on a wide variety of texts in recent years, including:

complete websites, landing pages, product descriptions, lookbooks, packaging texts, press releases, social media posts, blog articles, voice-over texts, advertising posters, interviews, case studies, whitepapers, brochures, e-books, PowerPoint presentations, sales sheets, internal memos, job vacancy texts, course materials, surveys, letters, newsletters, emails, safety bulletins, patient information, manuals and software.

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