The finer points


Texts on makeup, personal care products and perfume don’t just have to appeal to the audience – they need to be sensory. They have to give the reader a specific feeling. In the world of beauty products, it’s all about creating an experience, a certain perception. The goal is to convince even the most level-headed Dutch consumer that your product will help them feel better about themselves, and that it’s a must-have. This is what really makes translating beauty texts a unique field. The translation has to be geared toward your target audience, yet still evoke the same feeling as the original text. If this is what you need, look no further – I happen to have a real eye for this kind of work.

Fashion and accessories

Copy about clothes, bags and jewellery has to be translated with a sense of style. It goes without saying that the terminology has to be right – from openwork pattern to flounced sleeve – but equally as important is the tone of voice in your product descriptions, advertising texts and blog posts. You want to convey a certain feeling or even communicate a particular status. This is why you need fashion translations that perfectly target the market segment so that you can convert potential customers into buyers. As someone who enjoys and knows a thing or two about fashion, I am perfectly cut out for this type of work.

Pieta is looking up with her right hand under her chin, her left hand on her hip and a pensive look on her face.
Pieta is looking up with her right index finger raised and a pensive look on her face.

Printers, digital printing and publishing

Looking for a translator who takes a “black-and-white” approach to terms such as auto duplex scanning, dual-station cover interposer and single-pass document feeder? Someone who has the requisite knowledge of the market, who is well-versed in how to sell home printers, multifunctionals, flatbed printers and production printers to customers? As someone who used to work for a printer company, I know everything there is to know about printers in every shape and size, along with the software and substrates used. Companies active in the printer and commercial printing sectors can count on me to create texts that sell and technically accurate translations.

Medical technology

My first job was as a medical-technical translator, so this was my very first area of specialization: for years, I translated manuals and other documentation on a range of medical devices and equipment, from CT scanners to prosthetics, and from stretchers to heart catheters. Sadly, these types of documents are often fed into a translation machine these days. This approach is, however, absolutely not suitable for the accompanying marketing texts these manufacturers need to win over buyers in purchasing departments at clinics and hospitals. Those texts need to be compelling, which can only be achieved using creative translation. This is where I come in.


Tourism and hospitality industry

The tourism sector and hospitality industry demand tempting translations. After all, you want to persuade potential tourists or visitors to book that hotel room, take that cruise, visit that museum or attend that event. This means that brochures and web texts need to be perfectly attuned to Dutch people’s cultural frame of reference. This process is called localization. I have extensive experience localizing tourism texts for hotels, cruise lines, museums, exhibitions and events. You’ve also come to the right place if you need menu translations.

But wait, there’s more!

The areas described above are far from exhaustive when it comes to my specialties. I dive into new professional specializations on a regular basis. After a few rigorous translations on the topic, I can now tell you everything you’d ever want to know about artificial grass. And women in leadership positions. And vlogging for beginners, the ins and outs of an HR department, apps for diabetics, fleet management, thermal imaging cameras… you name it. As long as your documents don’t involve legal, academic or complex financial content, I would be happy to help. Especially if you need translations that sell.

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